Ski season is in full swing

By Isabella Avery

Temperatures are dropping and snow is falling, which means ski season is ready to start for the Walled Lake Central men’s and women’s ski team.

The first official practice on the slopes was on Tuesday, December 13, which is an early start compared to past seasons. This year, the team has eight  female racers and seven males. Practice and races take place at Alpine Valley, which should be receiving a lot of snow this winter.

Alpine is a great place to practice, race, and free ski as a team. “I love when it is time to race through the courses,” said sophomore Josh Chapp, “and it is even more fun when I’m with my team.”  Although courses will not be set until January, the team still will be working on drills and free skiing at practice.

After winter break, races will officially begin against other schools in the area. Racing is an opportunity for the skiers to push themselves to go faster than the competition and to support their team. “I can’t wait for the races and to drink hot cocoa in the tent during breaks.” said junior Olivia Orr.

Everyone on the team is excited to be back on the hills after a long break. Skiing is such a short season, so taking advantage of every opportunity to ski is important. “It feels so good to be skiing again because it is something we all have a great time doing.” said sophomore Brandon Brooks.

Many new freshmen have joined the team and there is strong leadership amongst the upper classman. Returning sophomore and top 20 racer Elise Rodriguez said “this season will definitely be a building season, but it’s great to see all the potential we have for the future.”