Super Mario Run hits app store

By Patrice Linman

IOS has become the new way to play video games, so it’s no surprise that traditional video game companies are beginning to utilize that platform. After the success of Pokémon Go, Nintendo announced a second game that will soon be available in the App Store- Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is supposed to be much closer to traditional video games than the augmented reality of Pokemon Go. In the game, Mario moves forward constantly through the courses while the player taps the screen to make him jump in a variety of ways. The player must time their taps carefully, collect as many coins as possible, and reach the goal to get the highest score possible.

There are three modes to the game. World Tour functions as a traditional Mario platformer game, running and jumping through the courses to save the princess. Toad Rally is a competition mode against other players online that differs with each game. Kingdom Builder is a creative mode where you can design your own unique kingdom with different buildings and decorations that get collected from the other modes.

There are also four playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi. It’s a free app for iPhone, iPad, or Mac. As of yet there have been no details about when or if the app will come to Android. The game is set to release later this month.