Model UN goes to CASC

By Carson Kipp

Central’s Model United Nations team traveled to Lansing to compete in the annual Canadian-American Security Councils (CASC) conference, held December 3-4..

Overall, the team did well and sophomore Gabi Ndakwah went as far as winning second honors for her council. “I’m really proud of Gabi, none of the rest of us got awards, but I think I might have screamed a bit too loud when I heard her name. As for the team, we all did our best in preparation and at the conference, it was one of the best out-of-school experiences I’ve had and got to spend time with some of my best friends,” said senior Emily Hale.

Central was one of many schools that participated in this event and reactions were positive. “It was really fun, I liked the debate topics and found that the conference as whole was really intriguing.” said sophomore Aidan Parrot. Parrot was assigned Vietnam as his country to represent and performed to the best of his abilities at the conference.

The event lasted for two days and future events include national level competitions like MEDMUN which takes place this March 24-26 in Menton, France and MAMUN in New York City also in March.

Model UN is an educational simulation and academic competition which helps students better understand the procedures that take place within international relations and diplomacy. Each student is assigned a nation to represent during the conference, and is responsible for advocating their assigned nation’s position on debate topics through writing position papers and public speaking.