Oh My Lanta- Full(er) House is back

By Elizabeth B

After 20 long years, it’s finally back. New and better than ever, Fuller House is a continuation of the brilliant and much loved 80s family sitcom Full House.

Though the main cast has changed a little in Fuller House, like the Olsen twins choosing not to participate, the energy and spirit are still the way that they were two decades ago. Well-loved actors, like John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin who starred in the main cast of the original show, are back with many others. The plot is always the same with the theme of family always comes in first. This theme is continuously seen throughout the plots of both Full and Fuller House.

Even though the original show, Full House, aired way before the current generation was born, the children of the new millennium still managed to fall in love with Full House a while after it ended. Sophomore Olivia Emert wanted to watch it “because [she] watched Full House and  loved it and never wanted it to end.”

Fuller House, Season Two aired on Netflix on December 9 and is one of the most viewed shows of the year. The ratings for Season 2 have not yet been released by Netflix, but the views are predicted to be very high. Fuller House, Season 1 reached around 14.4 millions viewers among adults 18-49 within its first month of the first season being aired.  

A majority of the fans of Full House were very eager to see the original plot being transferred into another show after a heartbreaking goodbye with Full House. “I was so upset when Full House ended. I felt like I had lost friends or something,” said senior Lauren Gapp.