Hottest trends for the winter season

By Chloe W 

Grab your hat and gloves for the snow that has finally arrived and thus begun the winter season. Now’s the time to stay warm while showing off the new seasonal trends. Looking around Walled Lake Central, many students are displaying these winter trends.

The main types of coats that are in style right now for girls are parkas. These are mainly seen in black, but they also come in many different colors and styles. Parkas are not only very fashionable but useful especially if it’s chilly out. Some other types of overwear is vests, which aren’t always for the very cold days but will still keep your body warm and snug. And these are not just seen on girls, but on many boys as well.

Another trend that is common this year are Uggs. Along with being very fashionable, Uggs have proven to be very reliable in helping students keep their feet warm and dry. “They keep my feet toasty and are a easy slip on in the morning,” said senior Hayden Harper. Mainly boys wear the “Ascot Ugg Slipper”, and girls can be seen wearing anything from the “Classic Ugg boot” to the “Dakota Ugg Slipper”. Junior Christine Wertman explained that “Uggs aren’t ugly and they are a stylish way to keep my feet warm.” Uggs have been a popular winter trend for a while now and it’s hard to go wrong with wearing a pair.

Timberlands are another stylish option and with the snow on the ground they help protect feet from slipping and getting cold. The commonly found pair is the “6-Inch Basic Waterproof Boots” which range from many different colors and are worn by both boys and girls.