Women’s Basketball takes on Waterford Mott

By Alyssa R

The Women’s JV  Basketball team had a game at Waterford Mott High School on Tuesday, January 31. The girls played a hard game and came out on top with a score of 16- 12. The girls are slowly reaching the end of their season and are working very hard to prolong it as much as they can.

The JV team had a very hard game ahead of themselves and they went out prepared. The girls knew that this would be one of the harder games they would play this season. Sophomore Julia Garcia said, “We practiced so hard for this game to build some confidence and to better our skills but it was still nerve wrecking playing a team that strong.”

“We went into the game with hopes of a great game and our prayers were answered,” sophomore Elle Shelvey said. She also along with another sophomore, Isabella Cairo, were said to be the team’s star players throughout the game. The team as a whole spoke about how hard the two worked and how much energy and dedication was put into the game from the two girls.

“The team was so nervous throughout the game, but when the final buzzer went off you could see the relief on all of our faces,” Cairo said.  “It was amazing.” Cairo also spoke about the hopes she has for the last few games of the season. “I am really hoping we finish out the season strong and can make it into the playoffs or even win it all. We all really want it this year and are ready for it.”

The varsity team also had a game at Mott on Tuesday. The girls played very hard but were not granted with a win. The game came to an end with the final score of 17-27.

Junior Hannah Douglas said, “It was really disappointing that we lost after giving it our everything, but we aren’t going to let this get to us for the rest of our season.” Douglas described the hard and long practices they have had leading up to this game. “We just weren’t confident, our heads’ weren’t in it completely.”
The team was very upset about this loss, but they are definitely preparing and getting ready to kick some butt at their game next week! Hope to see you there Central!