Superbowl occur this weekend

By Amanyé Sanford

This year, Super Bowl 51 will be very special for both teams considering the fact that it will be Tom Brady’s seventh time being there, which he has a chance to be the first quarterback to win 5 Super Bowls, and the Atlanta Falcons have a chance to win their very 1st Super Bowl .  Have you ever seen Patriots go up against Falcons? We will see on February 5, 2017.

The New England Patriots have dominated this season, finishing with a record with only two losses on the entire season. With their best wide receiver, Rob Gronkowski, out for the season, the New England Patriots still managed to fight their way back to the Super Bowl.

On the other side of things, the Patriots have a hard battle against the Atlanta Falcons whose quarterback, Matt Ryan, has lead them all season to a 11-5 record. It may not be the best in the conference, but it was enough for the Falcons to be at the top of their division. Falcons receiver, Julio Jones, is known as the co-head Falcon next to Matt Ryan and has been a beast this whole season tallying up 1409 receiving yards.

Central football fans are looking forward to the big match-up..  Senior Ondrakus Smith said he’s “purchasing a lot of food — wings, chips, all that good stuff, drinks — sit down in my family room on my 70 inch screen and watch the Falcons take a dub, yes”.
Senior Keon Winn said his plans for Super Bowl 51 are “going over my friend’s house, have a party, and we’re going to ball out”. Winn was also asked who he think would win Super Bowl 51 and he responded with “No Comment”. I guess Winn doesn’t want any controversy with his winning pick. Junior Cameron Whitfield said he plans on “being with my family, eating chicken”.