Lady Gaga hits Superbowl 51 stage

By Leila B

Everything about the Super Bowl was intense, shocking, and blood rushing. But one of the best moments was the halftime show. Lady Gaga performed for Super Bowl 51 and really lit up the stage.

About ten million people watched her performance after the first two quarters of the game. Second to Beyonce, Gaga had the most halftime show viewers. Some of the highlights from her show was how she shocked the crowd from jumping off of the top of the stadium, her singing we’re off the chart, and the dancing was phenomenal. She sang her top hit songs such as “Just Dance”,  “Telephone”, “Born This Way”, and “Edge Of Glory”. She also sang one of her newest song “A MIllion Reasons” from her new album.

The next day, Gaga’s performance was the buzz around school. Sophomore Hannah Fortier was extremely impressed. “It was really good! I liked that even though she was dancing through the whole thing she sang well.” Sophomore Gustavo Aguilar said it was captivating to watch. “It was cool. It was like she made a comeback. Very interesting.”

Others just thought it was a mediocre performance. Freshman Kiana Matteson thought she could’ve put in a little more effort. “It was ok. She could’ve done better. I wanted to hear some songs she didn’t sing which disappointed me a little.”
Love it or meh, Lady Gaga’s performance definitely sparked up conversations.