To do or not to do a spring break diet

By Izzie A

Spring break is approaching and the seniors at Walled Lake Central are counting down the days until they get to go off on vacation with their friends. Many of them, especially girls, have started to get in shape for the warm weather.

Although diets have been popular in the past, most girls have been avoiding going on a full fledged dieting plan. “I have just been trying to lower my carb intake and drink lots of water and also workout a lot,” said senior Kaitlyn Gulick.

Instead of cutting out certain foods, other people have become reliant on calorie counts. “I have been tracking my calories recently and been trying to work out as much as possible,” said senior Payton Faber.

Some girls have found that trying to eat differently or count their calories just doesn’t work for them. “I have been doing nothing specific to get fit for spring break. I love food too much to diet and I just play sports with friends for exercise,” said senior Lexie O’Dette.