Masqerade ball is smashing success

By Nevada L

Masks were worn, music was played, people arrived in their best, and all three high schools showed up!  It was a legacy in the making, a combined winter formal dance that included Walled Lake Central, Western and Northern. Nothing like this has ever been tried before- and it was a smashing success.

On Saturday, February 25, over three hundred students from all three high schools showed up to Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi and had a blast.

Senior Alexis Kokko went with a group of friends and thought the DJ was amazing. “DJ Mikey Mike was super good and knew how to get the crowd going!” Although, at time the DJ played some unusual tunes, every one overall were happy with his selection and ability considering he is only a senior at Walled Lake Western.

Something else that students were amazed with was the venue. Everyone is used to going to dances at the high schools, so having it somewhere else made this dance really unique. “Having the dance at Suburban made it feel really special; it being held somewhere other than Central made me want to go even more,” stated senior Aleksandra Luca. “And it was really funny seeing all the camo-wearing people from Outdoorama next to the people in formal wear.”

But the best part from most attendees was the fact that the dance was combined with all three Walled Lake high schools. Senior Delaney Gawenda said her favorite part of the dance was “see(ing) my friends from other schools.” Having the dance combined made it easy to hang with friends at a dance without going through the hassle of a guest pass form. 

The event was such a smash that the Monday after the hallways were filled with people saying they wished they went or can’t wait to go next year.

Central’s student council is all for continuing the dance next year and possibly will be able to change some of the things people didn’t like very much, such as no guest passes, considering they already have one year of the event under their belt.