Students begin to pick out classes for next year

By Nick M

At the start of the second semester, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen receive that intimidating piece of cardstock that gets everyone thinking about their future.

In past years, to decide what class to take, students used to be able to visit three classes during an SRT period as part of the annual curriculum fair.  This allowed them to get a taste of what the class was about. “Students used this time to follow their friends around and not actually visit classes,” said senior Logan Stover.

This year, this method changed. In lieu of curriculum fair, short videos that briefly lists and explains every class offered in their assigned specific teaching departments were shown at the beginning of each class period on February 10. “We made this change because it allowed students to visually experience every class, and second we felt like students weren’t using the opportunity to their full potential,” said counselor Sarah Flagg. The new approach allowed students to have an idea of every class Central offers making it easier and giving kids the opportunity to create the best schedule for there following school year.

Senior Parker Coe, member of Student Council, was asked by several departments to create videos. Making videos for departments for curriculum fair turned out to be very interesting. This unique opportunity exposed me to aspects of the departments that I had never considered when signing up for courses as an underclassman. It was cool to be able to create videos that highlight the fun/interesting features of the departments in efforts to intrigue underclassmen and show them the opportunities they have when signing up for next year’s courses,” said Coe.
“This new method definitely helped me develop a successful schedule and I feel like I’m able to learn at the best of my ability,” said junior Troy Taliferro.