WLC junior receives 36 on ACT

By Nevada L

Who can say they just accomplished something that less than one percent of all those involved can? Well, junior Ramya Ginjupalli can. She just received a perfect score of 36 on her ACT; something that only .083% of all test takers achieve.

Scoring a 36 is a huge accomplishment and the thing that Ginjupalli is most thankful for is not having to take the test anymore. “The best part is not having to worry about it anymore and not having to take any more tests.” said Ginjupalli. While all other juniors will have to start studying for the SAT they will be taking in April, Ginjupalli can relax and not stress.

Ginjupalli didn’t even think she got a 36 when she walked out of the testing center. When she was notified of her score, she was in “complete shock”. She thought that the test was hard and walked out of the building not exactly sure on what score she would get. But once she got the news that she got the rare perfect score she was excited to know “that all [her] hard worked paid off”.

Ginjupalli is a well rounded students with a bright future ahead of her. She is actively involved in seven clubs and plays two varsity sports. She has plans to study medicine while in college with the hope of one day becoming a pediatrician. Naturally, one club she is involved with is AMWA, the American Medical Women’s Association, where she is the president elect. President and senior Jenna Snider mentioned that she is “so excited for Ramya to take over as president next year” for she is “going to do great things for the club”. Snider also mentioned that Ginjupalli score is going to do great things for her when she starts to apply for college; the score will “open every door”.    

If you’re looking to get a great score like Ginjupalli, her study plan included getting study book and taking practice tests and making sure to remain focused. She also thanked her rigorous course background that she takes, because she was able to connect the questions on the test to the concepts she’s learning in class.

After getting a perfect score, Ginjupalli deserves a huge celebration. She hopes that in the coming weeks she will be able to go to a nice family dinner and spend some quality time together.