Track team begins season

By Bianca B

When it comes to meet day, the team’s runners and field competitors will have the bodies skills that are needed in order to succeed. Accordingly, the track program’s talented group of coaches began the work of training and conditioning the athletes with the first track practice of the year on Monday, March 13. Around 25 girls and 40 guys showed up to join the team, no try-outs were held. During the first practice, athletes were placed onto either freshman, junior varsity, or varsity teams.

For some students, this will be their last season and they want to make it count. Senior Tobi Oyinkolade explains that this season will be a lot different knowing that there won’t be a next year. “It’s kind of saddening in that sense because if I don’t finish out a meet the way I want to, it’ll hurt knowing I can’t do anything to change it,” said Oyinkolade. Oyinkolade’s goals include going all-state and setting a personal record. “I’m seeking to do a lot this year. Track in college is a lot of work, but I want to keep going at the next level. The only school I’ve received an offer from so far is Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio.”
Coach and Business teacher Stephanie Meyers is considered ‘the mother of the track team’ because she takes care of the behind the scenes issues. “I look forward to winning city conference to keep the trophy and the title at its home, Central,” said Meyers. “My favorite part of coaching is forming relationships with the athletes and being able to be with the track family everyday. I wanted to be a track coach to see students in a different setting. Hopefully the seniors will end their last season as all-state athletes.”

Junior Sophia Colvin runs sprints and high jump. Her main goal for this year is to qualify for the state meet in an individual event. “I love all of the coaches but it’s really great to have Meyers as a coach. Because of her, us girls have someone that we can relate to and go to for help,” said Colvin.

With all of the training and practices coming up, the track team expects to have one of the biggest record-breaking seasons this year.