WLC Baseball Wins Against Garden City

By Bianca Barden

On March 23, the varsity baseball team kicked off its season against Garden City High School. They ended up winning against 1-0, making that their first win of the season. With this win, the team expects a season full of even more successes.


Senior Jimi Kandah, who played outfield, gave details on the big win. “Senior Cooper Dundas, senior Jack Gulvas, and I pitched the game. It was a great defensive and pitching game for the team. We expect to have a great season after this,” said Kandah.


Senior David Sprinkle said the team had done in practice to prepare and is looking forward to the rest of the season. “We’ve practiced a lot so it felt good to win. I feel like winning the first game brought us closer together as a team. It was nice getting back on the field for the first time this year and we’re looking forward to playing more,” said Sprinkle.


Head Coach Luis Vasquez talked about the team’s next game against Troy Athens on March 28. “Our goal is to win the next game. The boys are really competing in practice and taking that focus into the games,” said Vasquez.

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