Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

By Marcella Koza

With prom being just one month away, that means finding the perfect prom dress is front and center on many girls’ minds.


There’s a lot that goes into finding the right dress. The fit of the dress, the color, the length are all some of the things that you have to consider when deciding on a prom dress.


Generally, prom dresses are long gowns, but it really just depends on your style. “I think for prom you should wear a long dress and for Homecoming it should be a short dress. I will be wearing a long dress for prom this year,”  said senior Sabrina Mulki.


It takes awhile to decide on the right dress, so it is smart to start looking about six weeks before. Maybe even earlier.  Picking a length is the easy part, but things like the design of it and the color are more difficult to decide on.


A good idea is to look for inspiration. Look up prom dresses online, look through magazines, and go to the mall and browse through stores to look for a style you’re interested in. “I was looking online for my dress and I ended up finding the cutest dress for myself, ” said junior Elizabeth Shounia. “I am a junior but a senior is taking me this year.”
Something else that is really important in choosing the perfect prom dress is planning out a budget. Some people like to splurge on their dress, but some people might not want to spend all of their money on a dress. “I’ve been looking forward to picking out my dress so I think I’m going to go all out when choosing one,” senior Deena Hakim said. After all prom has a lot of expenses such as the ticket and hair and makeup if you’re one to get it professionally done. So picking out a budget is really helpful when picking out a dress.

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