Homecoming Preview

By: Ashley Downey

Homecoming is this week and students are getting their groups and plans together as fast as possible. Whether it’s their first or the last homecoming, everyone seems a little more excited.       

Freshman Erica Tinson is going to her first homecoming with freshman Brady Clark. “I was already excited for homecoming, but now that I have a date, I’m looking forward to it even more,” said Tinson.

Senior Paulo Perez is also looking forward to homecoming this year. Paulo is going with his girlfriend, senior Rachel Les, this year. “I’m thrilled for my last homecoming, because it’s the last and I’m expecting it to be great,” said Perez

“I’m extra excited for this homecoming this year because I’m going with a big group with my friends and boyfriend,” said Junior Casey Gannon. Gannon explained how the dance is okay but she’s mostly excited for pictures before and for plans after.

Homecoming is a very fun week that lots of students look forward to. With field day, the pep rally, and the dance it’s a great wee that brings students together.        

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