Your Future is Coming, and College Applications are Knocking at Your Door


By: Taylor Williams

November 1st is a date that no high school senior wants to think about.  It brings about a lot of stress and the day seems to come too soon. Leading up to it, many – or most – of the seniors run around like chickens with their heads cut off, but at least one of them has got this process under control.

Senior Kelsey Clark has already submitted all three of her applications for the three schools she’s applying to. That doesn’t mean that she is stress free though.  “Writing the essays has got to be the hardest part,” Clark said. “ It’s crazy how one essay can determine if you’re in or out.”

Junior Andrea Torres is watching the seniors patiently behind the scenes as she preps for the fall college application season next year. She has already been looking at colleges and is currently preparing for the SAT in the spring. “It seems like the hardest part about applying to college is the before part. It’s a lot of stress this school year keeping my grades up to the standards of the colleges I want to go to,” said Torres.

Honors English 9, AP Lang, and College and Creative Writing teacher Shanell Eastman has some advice for the seniors filling out applications this year. She recommends that students are thorough with their proofreading on their apps, and that they choose the college with the best program for their major and the proper environment.

So it seems as if no one is immune from the stress of college apps season. But as soon as that November 1 deadline hits, all stressors will all be lifted off seniors shoulders… that is until the May 1st decision deadline hits.


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