Individuals qualify for men’s cross country State meet

By: Kyle Johnson

After an incredible season, the men’s varsity cross country team was just shy of making the state meet, but three runners did qualify as individuals, drawing their remarkable run to an end.

“Though we fell one spot short of qualifying for the state championship meet, we accomplished our other two team goals by finishing 6-2 and finishing in the top 10 at the Oakland County Championship meet,” said Head Coach Justin Schumacher.

The varsity team consisted of Sophomores Akshay Reddy and Justin Hill, Juniors Chris Allen, Thomas Polak, Michael Trombetta and Jeff Kochevar, and Senior Alex Takla. Allen, finishing 77th, and Reddy and Justin Hill, finishing 98th and 105th, ran phenomenally at the 245 man, Division 1 state meet.

“I was motivated by my team and coach,” said Allen, who finished in 77th place with a lightning quick time of 16:25, shattering his personal best this season. “I feel like I’ve improved significantly since last year, though I have a long way to go for the year to come,” said Allen.

Reddy said, “I was motivated to compete hard due to the environment around me. We all came together as a team and decided that we were going to do our best no matter what.” Akshay finished 98th in the race with a speedy time of 16:33.

“I was motivated to compete because my brothers and sisters were all good runners, so I’m trying to be better than them. Also, I feel like I’ve improved from last year because I medaled in most of the meets this year and my times have improved,” said Hill. Justin finished finished 105th with an electric time of 16:38, his fastest time of the entire season.

“The boys developed a great camaraderie since we began voluntary summer practices in the middle of June,” said Coach Schumacher of the season. “They were an incredibly hard working group that earned their success by way of commitment and dedication to the sport.”


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