Donating blood for the needy

red crossBy: Nathan Landry

The Red Cross Club held its annual blood drive on October 20. Those 16 and older could donate blood with a parent’s approval and help to collect blood for Southeast Michigan and where every pint collected saved three lives.  

The blood drive happened Friday and people could donate blood between the time 8:00 am and 1:45 pm if they scheduled appointments at lunch or in D106. Sandra Gresh, teacher sponsor, stated that “The blood drive was all the students, I didn’t do much in all of this.”

Senior Ramya Ginjupalli, who has done four blood drives during her time at Central, stated, “There was so many people in need of blood due to all the events that happened such as the hurricanes and the Las Vegas shooting.

Senior Brooke Kirkpatrick said “I donated blood because I wanted to help people even though it scared me”. Brooke as one of many people who helped by donating blood to the cause.  

The blood drive collected 22 pints of blood which is 2.75 gallons from the willing students that wanted to help out. The Red Cross Club is planning to hold another blood drive in the spring.

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