Setting up for a great semester

semesterBy: Tiffany Barnes

As the new semester begins, students and teachers recover from the pressure of finals. Now that all grades are in, it’s time to think about how to do the new semester differently. We all want to improve our grades and our work habits for the better.

Junior Alexis Whitfield said that she wants to change her study habits. “I wait till the last minute to study. I procrastinate! I learned that procrastinating gets me nowhere, which is a problem.” Whitfield continued to explain how she doesn’t know where to start to improve her study habits. “I know I should change. I just don’t know how.” A good place to start is by making time in schedule to study. It’s important to fit in time for school in your day.

Senior Christina Isbania said that she wished to stop slacking off. “I had no motivation first semester, but now I want to at least try to get my work finished.” Lots of students finish off the first semester wishing they could put more effort in their work. “I honestly didn’t care that much first semester. Now, I care,” said Isbania.

Whatever our wishes are, our new semester hopes will be achieved with hard work and dedication.

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