Seniors seek Legacy Scholarships for college

pasted image 0-2By: Erin Pratt

College is expensive. No matter where you go, you are paying to get an education. Scholarships are a key factor in paying for college so when the opportunity arises, students jump at it. Every year students at Walled Lake Schools are among those who apply for Legacy Scholarships.

Senior Julia Mandilk applied for some Legacy Scholarships and is super hopeful she will be awarded one. “It would really help me out to be given a scholarship because I don’t want to be in a lot of debt after college, I want to be able to start my life,” she said. The scholarships range between $250-$500 and are awarded to a student who fits the description of it the best and submits an adequate application.

There are over 50 legacy scholarships available, but not every student is eligible for each one. The Taylor J. Tannous Memorial scholarship is awarded to a member of a Walled Lake water polo team or the Walled Lake Northern swim team. Senior Brendan O’Brien said, “I’m glad some of the scholarships are specific so that some people have more of a chance to get the money they need.” O’Brien has been a part of the men’s water polo team at Central all four years and is hopeful that he is considered for the scholarship.

Many scholarships are put together in memory of a former Walled Lake alumni. In the summer of 2016, rising senior Sean Collins passed away in a boating accident and a legacy memorial scholarship was organized in honor of him. It is awarded to an arts performing because Collins was a part of choir in his time at Central. Senior Jack Gibson applied for this scholarship not only for the money, but for personal reasons as well. “It would be an honor to be awarded with this scholarship, because I would feel like I was carrying on his legacy while I went to college,” he said.

Students will not know if they are awarded the scholarship until around May when they hold an awards ceremony for the lucky recipients. We wish luck to all the seniors that applied and hope college goes well for everyone!

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