Winter storm brings on a snow day

snow stormBy Alyssa Rester

The entire week last week, there was talk about an enormous snow storm that was on course to hit this past friday January 12. Predictions for snow accumulation varied as each day passed and students were in high hopes of a snow day.

The snow hit during the second hour of the day, coming down faster and faster by the minute. Students, along with teachers, sat with their phones in hand awaiting a tweet from Walled Lake Schools Superintendent Kenneth Gutman about an early release. “When we were looking out the window in Mrs. Sage’s class, it was a complete white out,” said junior Sarah Abrams. “We all thought we would be sent home because of the roads, but he never called it.”

As the day went on, the snow only continued to pile on by the minute. The predicted 5 to 8 inches was being met by 11am as the lunches began and students trudged on through the day. “I was really surprised when they didn’t send us home early,” freshman Maddison Jovanoski said. “But when our cheer coach called off our practice because the roads were so bad, I was worried about riding the bus home that day.”

As school was dismissed the parking emptied slowly, almost in slow motion. Tires spun, anti-lock brakes kicked on, and the snow was still coming down. Students made their way home in a slow and careful manner unlike ever before. “This has been my first winter as a driver and it hadn’t been too bad until last Friday,” said senior Kelsey Clark. “I was a nervous wreck the whole way home as my car slipped and slid around the road. It was something I hadn’t experienced and hadn’t expected to so late in the season.”

The horrible snow storm finally came to an end Friday evening and the roads had finally cleared up by Saturday morning. Staff and students had high hopes of a snow day or early dismissal but were sad to see that they’re prayers had not been answered. Hopefully this is the last of the snow for this winter as we now head on into February.

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