Lead up to Central’s biggest event


One of Central’s most popular events, Volleyball Marathon, is just around the corner. Even the name itself sparks memories of 3 A.M. coffee breaks and bump-set-spiking your way to victory. This year, Volleyball Marathon is going to be held on March 16, just two Fridays before the start of Spring Break. As Central prepares for the festivities, many are hard at work to ensure that the night will be one to remember. The beneficiary for this year’s VBM is the family of Tanner Bryan, a student who unfortunately passed away due to an accident. VBM this year will be an event for all students to come together in his honor and in remembrance of his time here at Central.

This year’s Volleyball Marathon will be bringing back some old favorite events, as well as new excitement. One of the newer events is a variety show, which is the result of a collaboration between the Student Council and Choir Council. As many remember, last year’s variety show was full of surprises, from an internet-famous promposal to a freshman shredding away on guitar to Bowie. This year is sure to have all of this excitement and more. Choir member Senior Julia Mandilk says, “I am thrilled to see the talent our school’s students have to offer. I love the performing arts, so seeing people who don’t often perform will be awesome.”

Another element of Volleyball Marathon to look forward to is, of course, the food. This year’s food will be catered from a few places, one of the major ones being Krispy Krunchy Chicken, a favorite of many in Walled Lake. Run by a relative of a Central student, Krispy Krunchy is one of the school’s most popular food places. Head of the food committee, senior Christian Khmoro, said of working with businesses in the community, “Being able to interact and reach out to the businesses around the Walled Lake area has been enlightening, and I’ve learned a lot about how much local businesses value WLC.”

Of course, Volleyball Marathon would not be complete without the cornerstone of the event, the ongoing volleyball tournament that most students will be taking place in. Though the option has been opened up for students to come to VBM solo, most take part in the team event. Teams even go so far as to practice, such as the senior team Beach Bums. One of its members, senior Chris Hamama, said, “We’re playing to win, and our practices are actually paying off.”

Volleyball Marathon is shaping up to be one of the year’s most talked-about events, like always. From the fun and games to the intense competition, one can always find something to do throughout the night.

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