Social Justice League hosts OXFAM banquet

By: Jaden Beard

The Walled Lake Central Social Justice League is hosting the Oxfam Hunger Banquet March 10. This event will raise awareness about the issues of hunger and poverty and will take place in the Walled Lake Central Cafeteria from 6:00-8:00pm. Entrance is $5 per person, and is free for children under five years old. Money raised will go directly to Oxfam America, along with additional donations to Hospitality House and Agents of Hope.

Oxfam America is an A-listed charity dedicated to addressing the root causes of poverty. “They do a lot of work on community programs and helping people help themselves, rather than dumping band-aids on them to help the problem,” said Marisa Cronk, Walled Lake Central Social Justice League sponsor. “When I looked into Oxfam, it seemed to be very much in alignment of what the Social Justice League is all about.”

Speakers Donovan Neal, representing Hospitality House, and Shola Salako, representing Angels of Hope, will be giving informative presentations during the banquet. Neal will be speaking about the local issues of poverty and hunger, while Salako will be speaking about how these issues affect the global community.

Cronk stated, “I think that it is very easy to assume that poverty and hunger either don’t really happen or that they happen elsewhere in the world. A lot of people don’t realize that poverty and hunger is right here in our community, as well as in the wider world, and that it affects a huge number of people. It could be your next door neighbor.” e2359736uxOIk50jI0HQm77m

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