WLC Graduate opens restaurant, impresses eyes and stomachs

Anyone hungry for some hummus or falafel? You should stop by Moon Light Mediterranean Cuisine, a restaurant recently opened by a graduate from Walled Lake Central.

Opened just this past September 15, 2012, Moon Light has delighted the downtown Walled Lake area. With an amazing menu with a variety of delicious and authentic Mediterranean dishes at really decent prices. Offering carry-out, delivery, and great specials, Moon Light is perfect Mediterranean right around the corner. Walk in and yo

u may just be greeted with hummus and pita, and for dessert enjoy some perfectly sweet baklava. Come on, you know your mouth is watering just reading this.

photo (3)

The owner, Ayad Fadheel, graduated from Walled Lake Central High School in 2011 and decided to pursue his passion for food, which, he said, made him want to open the restaurant. Both his brother and sister also graduated from WLC.

His goals for the growing restaurant? Because of his love for food, all Fadheel wishes is for Moon Light to “do the best it can,” and just to merely improve while continuing to serve amazing Mediterranean cuisine!


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