Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Send Students to England and France

By Jill Ciampa

The opportunity to visit another continent is rare but life-changing, and it is one being
provided by the language clubs here at Central. Every other year, the French Club takes
students to France and England. Fundraising has already begun for the June, 2014 trip;
you can see many students walking down the halls with candy boxes.

“It’s a chance for people to go [abroad] who usually don’t get that opportunity,” explained
senior Sydney Zelenak, who has made the trip to France.

The school makes the trip more affordable for students rather than leaving it up to a family
to try to pay for it all. The trip is almost 5 thousand dollars but is much easier to obtain.

One way to save money for the trip is to sell candy bars. “It really helps to get my parents to
agree to let me go. It helps that I’m making my own money,” stated freshman Sam Satrau.

Flower bulbs are also being sold for fundraising. They are sold online and anyone who goes
to the website can buy the bulbs. The flowers sales are as efficient in sales as the candy
bar sales are, and they don’t require students to lug a box around school.

This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity. All the students who have gone on the trip have
raved over the trip and how wonderful it is. It is definitely something worth putting your
money into.

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