Adidas vs. Nike

By Nate Collins

For years Nike has been the number one brand to get basketball gear such as shoes, shorts,
socks, etc, but now there is another brand gaining more popularity. Recently Adidas has
made tremendous strides when it comes to their basketball products. Not only have they been
able to improve the actual look of the products, but they have also been able to enhance the

One of Adidas`s main accomplishments recently has been their ability to sign great athletes in
the NBA to endorsement deals. Some of Adidas`s representatives are Josh Smith of the Atlanta
Hawks, Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers, and probably the biggest they’ve ever had,
Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. These athletes have helped Adidas develop many products to
a better quality.

It has been proven that basketball accessories can have a huge impact on the court. Two
accessories that have really shown promise are the Adizero tech fit arm and calf sleeve. The
tech fit calf sleeve allow you to keep heat going inside your leg which keeps muscles going for
maximum speed and jumping ability.

The tech fit arm sleeve allows protection of the arm from contact. Yet it also allows heat to stay
in which keeps muscles going and does not allow them to cool down which in turn, keeps your
shot going. These two products can have a big impact on a player’s game.

Adidas basketball is not all about the accessories though. A large of their success has been their
shoes. Two especially popular shoe lines are the Adizero Rose 3.5`s and the Adizero Crazy
Light`s. The Crazy Lights allow for maximum traction and an extra sole in the bottom allow for
serious jumping improvement on the court. They not only perform well on the court, they are
also very stylish.

The DRose 3.5`s are probably the most advanced performance shoe on the market because of
their protection, performance, and style. When asked why he chose to sign with Adidas, Derrick
Rose said this, “I chose to sign with Adidas because like me, we are never satisfied. We just
want to keep getting better.” This is very true as Drose`s latest shoe is the best yet.

Even though Adidas` products sell well and have tremendous popularity, they wanted to take it
one step further by creating the DRose “The Return” mini episode series on YouTube. The series
follows Derrick Rose on his journey to recovery from his torn ACL injury he suffered last year
in the playoffs. These episodes also advertise Derrick Rose`s products along the way, like his
new crew socks and his stylish T-Shirts.

Adidas has eclipsed Nike as a top sports product. What they are coming out with has fans excited
for the near future.

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