Act Now to Take the Free ACT

By Kennedy Werner

Attention all freshmen and sophomores that strive to go to college: on Saturday May 4 from 9 am until 1
pm, the Princeton Review will be hosting a FREE Practice ACT Test at Groves High School in Beverly
Hills. Knowing that selective private colleges value a strong ACT score, the Princeton Review will proctor
this test to help students get extra practice before the big day.

Also, a follow-up session is offered on May 18 from 11 am until 1 pm to receive a diagnosis of students’
performance on the previous test. During this time, students can also learn strategies that will help
improve their scores for the future ACT.

“Students should take advantage of any free opportunity when it comes to preparing for the ACT,” said
Ann Marie Rutherford, counselor at Central, “College Admission Representatives highly weight ACT
scores when determining whether or not to accept a student to their academic institution. Preparing early
for the ACT is extremely important.”

Taking into account that most colleges evaluate a student on strength and weak, compare and contrast
scales, it is always helpful to have an impressive score on a test that is required all around the nation.
Having an outstanding ACT score sets aside one from its competitors when it comes to getting into the
same college.

In order to take this test, students must pre-register through or
call 1-800-2Review. One must act quickly because with an ultimate opportunity like this, other students
will jump on the offer just as prompt as the next.

Princeton Review offers many free practice ACT tests, almost always on Saturdays. Considering this
is a free opportunity to get real, true experience and help with the ACT, It is ideal that students take
advantage of this and participate.

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