Students to Discover the Physics of Cedar Point

By Kennedy Werner

The once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the physics of real life will be given
to WLC physics students Friday, May 17. Beginning the journey at 7:00 AM and
returning at 10:00 PM of the same day, honors and regular physics teachers, Judy
Davis, Sandi Brough-Gresh, Lindsay Hartley, and Ken LaCross and their students will
travel to Cedar Point by charter bus to experiment and calculate velocity, acceleration,
force, vectors, work, and energy of roller coasters, all of which they have studied this

“I’m looking forward to experiencing the transformation of potential energy to kinetic
energy,” said Honors Physics student and junior Nick Hudspeth, “but most of all, I’m
looking forward to going on rides.”

Each year, Cedar Point teams up with NASA’s professional educators to host a special
science week for high school students to practice and see the physics they’ve learned
about throughout the year within the classroom. A very popular trip, the 97 WLC
students going, had to apply for the opportunity fairly quickly, due to its “first come,
first serve” basis.

“Although we actually have a worksheet to do when we’re there, it’s still going to
be fun. I know everyone is excited about going,” said Amber Hanna, a sophomore in
regular physics.

cedar point

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