Top 10 Seniors

By Taylor Haggerty

The Top 10 Seniors will be announced Friday afternoon at the Senior Celebration, along with the Most Outstanding male and female students in the senior class. The process began in mid-March and has continued up until now, with teachers voting on two separate occasions to narrow down their choices.

In order to qualify, students had to have a GPA of 3.0 or above and meet specified criteria including: academic success, taking initiative or showing leadership, participating in extracurricular activities, having positive relationships with staff and other students, demonstrating honesty and integrity, and showing a willingness to help out others as well as being aware of their own behavior while at school.

In the first round of nominations, a list of all of the students who met the 3.0 GPA requirements was sent to every teacher in the school, who then nominated their top ten choices for each group, boys and girls, based on the full criteria. Those votes were tallied to determine the top 40 seniors. This year, there was a tie, and the top 40 became 42. Those students were sent a blank senior profile, which they had to fill out with information such as their most influential teacher, extracurricular activities, plans for college, and any awards or recognition they might have received, as well as a photo. Congratulations were also sent by mail to their parents.

The second time that the list was sent out to the teachers, their votes were tallied using a point system. The student that they placed in first received five points, while their fifth selection only received one. This helped to narrow down the selection for the Most Outstanding male and female, who are then revealed at the Senior Celebration in front of the entire school after going through the list of the top 10.

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