Taylor Swift Rocks Detroit

By Jill Ciampa

Taylor Swift, one of the best known artists across the world, came to Ford Field on May 4 when Brett Eldredge, Austin Mahone and Ed Sheeran opened for her. The concert started at 6:30 because of the three opening acts.

Swift didn’t actually take the stage until almost 9 pm when she opened with one of the better known songs off her new album Red, “State of Grace”. The song opened her section of the concert and was adorned with fireworks, props, dancers and a show to make sure you knew she was on stage.

The flashy production made some audience members feel uneasy after having just seen the more understated Ed Sheeran perform. Sheeran, stands on stage with his guitar and his voice. There are no props or dancing along with the music. It makes the music more enjoyable, rather than the show, which is excellent for Ed Sheeran fans and his plays on words.

After “State of Grace,” Swift went on in her show, minimizing the extra effects slightly. She played another song and then took her time to introduce herself to Detroit. The speech seemed to be prepared too formally; it was a nice clean introduction to someone who had no idea who she was. The speech itself did let her show her true excitement and enjoyment from having this experience.

She led into the song “Red” off of her new album. Surprising some people afterwards, she switched the frame into an older song. “You Belong with Me”, one of her three top known songs, letting everyone who was there to see Ed Sheeran have a chance to know at least one song.

Swift then went on to switch back and forth between one new song and one older song.

She brought back song like “Mean”, “Sparks Fly” and “Love Story.” She included parts of another song, “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. Of course, towards the end half of her show, Taylor had moved to the other end of the stadium and brought Sheeran back out to do the duet of “Everything Has Changed.”

As the show came to an end, Swift played “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” The song included a tremendous display of fireworks at the end (that had scared the bomb dogs earlier in the week). She extended the end of the song as always, where she pointlessly lagged around on stage. Possibly, she wanted to take in a final sight of the night. Then she finally disappeared off the stage to conclude the night.

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