Pledge of Allegiance law implemented

By Emily Money

Starting this year, public schools across Michigan are now required by state law to give students the opportunity to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and honor their country every morning.

Students noticed this surprising new change to their daily routine this Monday, September 9 when Principal Chuck Morgan introduced the plan and asked everybody to stand.

“It is wonderful that our school system can give a tribute to the country during an ordinary school day,” said Morgan.

While the pledge will be recited daily, students can choose not to participate in the pledge due to their personal beliefs. “What makes Central such a wonderful place is that we are tolerant and accepting of each other’s views,” stated Morgan.

Many students have their own views about this surprising trip down memory lane. “I almost feel like we’re back in elementary school,” said sophomore Erica Meyers. “We’ll get used to it pretty soon.”

The state law began as a bill introduced by Senator Roger Khan on September 13, 2011 that was then signed into law October 5, 2012 by Governor Rick Snyder. An amendment with the bill also requires that there be an American flag in each classroom and over each school building.

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