Vikings for Christ is the club healthy for your essence

By Kennedy Werner

Looking for a club to join but not sure which is the right fit? How about a club with charisma, faith, and a hope to brighten the long week? Consider Vikings for Christ, a student-run organization for scholars who practice or are interested in following Christianity.

With no prior knowledge needed, Vikings for Christ offers splendid opportunities to meet new friends, grow in devotion, and have a backbone of support from the club’s community.

“We’d really like more people to come out and grow stronger in faith with us,” said Vice President Rachel Boggs.

Currently, with about twelve students involved, Vikings for Christ meets once a week, on Tuesday from 2:30-3:30pm in Science teacher Ray Weston’s room (B110).

At each meeting, club members pitch in ideas about what they’d like to discuss. Then, the VFC officers will dig around to find answers to benefit the members. Topics range from love to faith to prayer

“The activities [done] are decided by the group. Sometimes [we] have a study where [we] agree to read the Bible and discuss that. Sometimes we [watch] videos… or we have games that we play, just to have fun and be interactive with each other,” said club advisor Ray Weston.

In fact, on Wednesday morning, September 25, the club participated in the worldwide event, “See You at the Pole,” which is intended for grade schools and colleges to gather on the third Wednesday of September usually nearby or at the school’s flagpole to pray.

“We had a pretty good turn out. We prayed and got to know each other a little bit more,” said R. Boggs.

Besides holding meetings, the club’s members can be found at the local Hospitality House or Food Kitchen, helping those who need it most.

“Hannah,[Rachel’s twin sister and President of the Club] and I are hoping to do a lot more of volunteering outside the club this year,” said R. Boggs.

Accordingly, the president and vice president have the plan for this year’s success all ready to unfold.

“Our hopes are to elaborate the club through advertising and increased membership,” said R. Boggs, “We hope to have members know each other better to grow stronger in commitment.”

H. Boggs added, “We hope to be more outreached and do a fundraiser, volunteer, and be more organized.”

But, on the officers’ agenda at the moment is the very first annual, “Vikings for Christ Olympics”. The event’s main goal is to strengthen trust and get to know one another better.

H. Boggs said, “A little series on Revelation will be done and [we will] create cool t-shirts and [learn about] Psalms and Proverbs.”

In general, Vikings For Christ is, “very open structured, so that if things come up and you can’t join now, you can come and go as your schedule dictates and at your leisure,” said Weston, “We have a good time [and have] fun with other people, [we are] not a real, serious study, not threatening, [and] you don’t have to come in with any great knowledge.”

R. Boggs adding, “People go to church on Sunday, and then sometimes, as they go through the week, they forget the message and we are here to remind them.”

Is the club fitting for you? Come try it out next Tuesday in B110.

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