Syrian Civil War is not American conflict

By Kevin Coleman

As the American public remains mesmerized by the recent award show, the rest of the world hangs timidly on the edge of their seats as the aggressive American government concocts yet another war in the Middle East.

Plenty of words could be used to describe the conflict in Syria, but the most accurate would be confusing. To understand the complexity of this debacle, it is important to ignore the mainstream media, such as FOX, NBC or CNN, as they only offer their corporately biased opinions which down play significant facts and misinform millions of viewers.

The line in the sand has been drawn between the current government of Syria, and the various rebel forces in Syria. The current government of Syria, run by President Assad, is backed strategically by nations like Russia, China and Iran.

Meanwhile, the rebel forces in Syria have the support of the American government. It is important to note that many of the Syrian rebels our tax dollars support are affiliated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, the same organization responsible for the attacks on September 11 that justified American involvement in the region.

To justify military involvement in Syria, the US, claiming moral authority, strongly opposes the use of chemical weapons that have been reportedly used in Syria. The UN’s tests prove that chemical weapons were used in Syria; the issue is that it is unclear which side of the conflict used them, if not both sides.

Regardless of who shot first, the grounds on which President Barack Obama wishes to administer a military strike has little moral basis. Such an attack would only further threaten our national security by potentially provoking international retaliation by neighboring Iran and world powers backing Iran like China and Russia.

Secretary of State John Kerry proclaims that the strike would not be an act of war but simply a limited strike with no boots on the ground. Using such logic would categorize the Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor as just a limited strike, a limited strike that pushed the US into a prolonged bloody conflict that ended with the use of a nuclear weapon.

It is impossible to look at this conflict and see the American government as the peacekeeper, as military action is never the progressive solution. If the United States government actually practiced what it preached about the innocent people in Syria, they would spend some of their seemingly infinite military budget on offering aid to Syrian refugees and other necessities to help stabilize the region, rather than raining down a blazing hellfire of military force upon an already damaged nation in an effort to both commandeer any chemical weapons while deceptively setting up another American occupied Middle Eastern nation.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the United States government has little compassion for the lives of the children and innocent civilians it claims to be fighting for. People are oppressed all over the world, our government is only interested in the oppression that goes on where the oil is. Israel receives more US aid than the entire continent of Africa, which is a blatant sign that our military is driven by special interests, a recipe for disaster.

The United States is the obvious aggressor in this conflict and will be viewed in history as such. The consequences that could come from this avoidable aggravation make it almost insane to suggest further US involvement in Syria. The USA is not the world’s police force, and when the people at home struggle daily, more money to other regions is the last thing the nation needs.

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