Curious minds encouraged to join WLC’s science club

By Jill Ciampa

Lab Rats is back! Now known as Curious Minds, Central’s science club hopes to make their presence known this year.

The first meeting of the year was September 19 in room C103 with science teacher Judy Davis advising. The next meeting will be on October 10. The club will meet once or twice a month.

“We’ll be doing things like races, maybe rollercoasters, and sciency stuff,” junior Chris Martinak, leader of the club. He expects that they will play it by ear and do what will interest the club members.

The group had planned on taking its first field trip during school to the Imagination Station, a hands on museum in Toledo. Unfortunately, not enough signed up and the trip has been cancelled.

One of the next field trips will be to Zap Zone. It isn’t as science-based as the other things, but it will be just as enjoyable.

The club changed its name from Lab Rats to catch more attention. The club had problems catching attention in the past.

“They started it up my freshman year, so it’s been about two years. That year they started it and then about have way through it just shriveled up and died. Last year they tried it again but I don’t think anyone was really that interested. We had a lot of people come and more who couldn’t come,” Martinak.

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