Seniors give perspective on changes throughout high school

By Kayla Womack

As you take a glimpse inside those great big high school walls, it’s easy to distinguish the freshmen from the seniors and the sophomores from the juniors. There is a distinction between the classes based not only on their physical appearances, but also something deeper inside them that distinguishes them from each other. What makes underclassmen look up to upperclassmen and what is it that makes seniors look down upon underclassmen? Let’s unravel what being an under and upperclassman has to offer and what freshmen have to look forward to.

As we all know, freshmen anywhere are often looked down upon. They wobble down those big, mysterious, high school halls with ridiculously oversized backpacks, their arms overflowing with stone heavy books to protect them from the big dogs (upperclassmen). They invade the halls fulfilling the air with curiosity and mindless behavior. Could all the myths about being a freshman be true?

“Being a freshman in high school is really overwhelming,” freshman Summer Lines proclaimed. “The hallways are tightly packed and it’s just a bigger environment that middle school was.” Lines feels that there aren’t any real benefits to being a freshman in high school. “Having to hear people call out ‘stupid freshman’ isn’t the best to be honest,” said Lines.

Then there are the sophomores who tend to fall in the middle. They are not quite upperclassmen but not underclassmen either. What goes through the minds of these 10 graders?

“Sophomore year is a little harder than freshman year, but at least I’m not a freshman anymore,” sophomore Rita Youhan said proudly.

As we all know, junior year is known as the toughest year with the ACT and SAT, it can be a struggle. Are there any real benefits to being an 11 grader?

“Yes junior year is a lot more difficult than previous years. But it feels like since I’m being challenged more in my classes, then that will benefit me in the end and prepare me for college.” said Junior Vanessa Booth.

Finally, we get to the seniors. The “Top Dogs.” What does one feel like being a senior? What are the real benefits to being a senior if any?

“It feels like I’m finally on top of the school,” said senior Robert Harris.  “You have prom to look forward to and finally graduating.”

It seems as though each grade has something to look forward to as they approach each year.

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