All students encouraged to join the French club

By Jill Ciampa

Open to anyone, the French club meeting on October 24 will feature an afternoon of food, activities, and more food.  If interested, head up to B209 and join French teachers and club sponsors Barbie Green and Leila Adkins.

“The next meeting is a Halloween party and we’ll be doing pumpkin carving in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 4” said Madame Green.

During the meetings, the club decorates cakes and does activities. You can join the exciting events for only $2; it pays for the entire year’s club membership. The field trips will be an added cost.

The next day, October 25, French, Spanish and German club members will be going to Cedar Point for Hallo-weekends.

“The trip is full and we will have a full bus of 50 kids,” stated Madame Green.

Green is planning other events for the club, too. Last year, they went ice skating and to Mexican town with the Spanish club. This year they plan to do it again and are also talking about going to the Melting Pot in November and What Crepe? on their own.

If you want to help the French Club raise money, pick up a box of candy or talk to Madame Green to sign up to sell bagels and can sell candy and bagels. Candy boxes consist of about 52 candy bars and cost $1.50. Bagels are sold every morning near the bus entrance for $1.50.

The trip to France next summer is separate from the club itself. You are always welcome to sign up to go.

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