Senior duo reaches new Levels

By Elise DeYoung

Every aspiring band or artist has to start somewhere. Many of the popular bands and artists we know today started in local shows and venues. One such aspiring local band in the area is a band called Levels.

The band consists of two seniors, Alexsys Carcone and Ashley Breusch.  “We’re best friends, so we both just agreed to start in freshman year, but never pursued it. We decided recently that we’d revive the idea now that we live closer to each other” said Alexsys.

Levels’ music is currently acoustic, but eventually the bandmates would like to progress into alternative music or more spoken word.

“We are throwing out ideas, but right now we’re focusing strictly on alternative acoustic. We are looking into AAA structured and spoken word,” said Alexsys.

If bands are well-known enough and their music is widely accepted, they gain in popularity.

“We don’t want to be too popular, but it’s a goal to definitely be known,” said Alexsys.

A big step in a band’s career is putting out an EP. An EP is basically a musical recording a band can put together of their current music, but has fewer songs than a complete album. Artists usually use their EP to showcase what kind of music they are making.  After putting an EP out, it allows bands to be able to book shows and gain in popularity.

“We hope to put out an EP by spring or early summer and eventually book a gig locally,” said Alexsys.

Because Levels is still a band in the making, they haven’t played any shows yet. They hope to play some local shows for bands they know or bands that are similar in sound.

“It’ll be costly, so it won’t be possible to play until our EP takes off,” said Alexsys.

They are taking the band process slowly and seriously because the band is important to them.

“Rushing it would cause stress and that can really do some damage to aspiring bands,” said Alexsys.

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