Students and teachers prepare to take the dodge ball courts

By Jill Ciampa

For the past three years to raise money for Kirk Pedersen, a former Physical Education teacher at Central, the National Honor Society has held a dodge ball tournament. This year, the tournament will take place in Central’s gym on October 30.

Already, almost 50 fundraising packets have been handed out for teams of 5-6 students. It is $10 a person to join. The money is due by October 25.

“There is going to be a teacher team this year with Mrs. Look, Mrs. Bramwell, Mr. Fray, Mr. Little, Mr. Herbert and myself.” stated Physical Education teacher Tracy Borders.

Borders and few teachers plan on being referees to the tournament. Last year only $1000 was raised. The first year, $3000 was raised. This year they want to have the best tournament they have had yet.

“Kirk lived and breathed fitness, anything that would have gotten kids to be active…” stated Borders.

Pedersen was a teacher who had an accident in a hunting blind, falling from a tree; he is now a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down with motion in one of his hands. Because he fell on his own property, there was almost no compensation and it has been very difficult for him to raise the money to pay for his treatment.

Currently, his parents take care of him, and have been caring for him constantly since the accident. “The money will go to his family which will help relieve his parents, provide him his care and make his house more accessible.” said NHS Sponsor and Science teacher Tracy Banjanin.

“He is an inspiration to staff and students who knew him,” stated Banjanin.


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