Choir goes to Howell Nature Center

By Emma Weintraub

As the choir continues to grow in size, a bonding trip was taken to the Howell Nature Center on October 7. Members from choir attended the trip in order to bond and become a whole.

While at the nature center, the choir had a day full of activities. “Much team bonding and leadership development occurred while we were there. Of course we also rehearsed much as well,” said senior Taylor Kucharski.

As the day progressed, the members came to understand what it meant to be an individual.  “The trip was a time of self-discovery as well as inner-communal growth,” said Kucharski.

While having time on self -reflection, members also participated in various activities.

“The most exciting part was the candle ceremony when we intimately discussed the topic of “Who am I?” Not only was the trip about bonding and rehearsing as a whole, the trip was also about self-reflection,” Kucharski continued.

Members had time to think about whom they are and what their purpose is. As the trip came to an end, Kucharski concluded that. “I definitely feel like I got much closer with everyone in the choir. It was a time that bonded us and ultimately allowed for our growth as individuals and a choir.”

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