Varsity volleyball prepares to take districts

By Lauren Gapp

The girls’ varsity volleyball team has been playing great all season. Their record is 8-1 and they are placed second seed in their division, behind Lakeland. Lakeland has proved to be the team to beat for the squad this season.

The girls were determined to beat Lakeland for the first time this season during their match on October 15; unfortunately, this did not happen. The girls ended up losing to Lakeland during that match and they went on to lose to Hartland on October 22.

“Both exceptional teams, good movement, very tough up front but so are we, and we all know that,” team captain senior Erika Greco said.

But that won’t stop them from winning districts. “Districts determines it all,” said Greco.

Recently, the team walked in the parade at Central’s pep assembly, earning huge applause and every one of them knowing their next goal is to win districts and make it to regionals.

“We really want to win districts and go all the way to regionals,” said team captain Catelyn Girard. The team is striving towards their goal and working hard to get there.

Focusing on the positives more than the negatives, the team has a great record and their games have gone great. A huge achievement was their game against Western.

“Our best game was probably against Western. We had a big student section, and we won in three,” Girard said.

As the team continues to practice and train for districts, they still have to play games against other high schools to get themselves there.

“We put up a good fight, and played well overall, but for preparing for districts we have to really pick it up,” Greco said.

The team determines when their season ends depending on how well they do in districts. “If we lose in our first game in districts then it’s over, but if we fight to beat Lakeland our season will continue until we get knocked out,” said Greco.

All of the players still have faith that they do well in districts. WLC will be supporting our varsity volleyball team the whole way. The team has to stay motivated and push themselves even harder for this win.

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