Finding the scariest Halloween movie

By Dominique Tyus

‘Tis the season for scary movies – the movies that gets our hearts racing and adrenaline pumping. The movies that send chills down our spines.

The question is what qualifies as a good scary movie? Does it really need blood and gore to make it scary? Does it need a sinister or vulnerable character to make it interesting?

“A good horror movie isn`t gory, but it`s scary; it doesn`t need blood and gore to be considered a horror film,” said junior Karissa Lantz.

For parent Talisha Ross, horror movies are intense. “When the horror movie contains screaming, chasing, and entrapment of a victim,” she said.

No matter your definition of scary movie, if you are interested in psychological horror films check out Orphan (2009), May (2002), The Butterfly Effect trilogy (2004, 2006 & 2009), Gothika (2004), The Uninvited (2009), Hide and Seek (2005), Case 39 (2009), and Devil (2010).

Although all the movies are great, one of the best psychological horror films is Case 39 (2009). Case 39 is good movie to watch because it gets you thinking about whom really is causing these events. Is it the little girl or is it an unknown entity?

If you’re interested in supernatural horror films, look into Shutter (2008), Cinderella (2006 foreign horror), The Grunge (2004), Dark Water (2002), Drag Me to Hell (2009), The Ring (2002), Insidious 1and 2(2010 and 2013).

The best one out of all of the supernatural horror films has to be, Cinderella (2006South Korean horror). Cinderella is not the fairytale we all know and love; it`s made much more exotic and horrifying.

It`s about women who are insecure with themselves and get plastic surgery to make them look like the perfect “Cinderella”; not knowing of the demise that is about to strike them.  The lead character Hyeon-su is the daughter of this deadly surgeon; unknowing of her mother`s (the surgeon) sinister plot.

The most recent supernatural films that have just come out in early October are the remake of Carrie and Insidious 2. These horror films have so far been the most popular of all of the horror this year.

Carrie (2013) Rated:

4.5/5 stars

Insidious 2 (2013) Rated:

4/5 stars

Horror movie buff or not, horror movies gives us all a sense of fear or adrenaline, the impending doom that comes when cynical music places, the dark closet that no one wants to open; or the eerie sounds that leaves you on edge of  your seat.

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