Mythical creations come to life in Minecraft club

By Jill Ciampa

Every year, clubs at Central come and go. Some make students wonder how they ever came to be. One such new club added to the 2013 school year is the Minecraft Club.

The club will meet on Thursdays, from 2:30-3:30 in D201.   The club is going to be supervised by English teacher Chip Hebert. The next meeting will be on Thursday November 21 and you must have a paid Minecraft account to join the club.

“The club has their own server, they don’t use the school’s server.” stated Hebert.

The school server probably has blocked the game, therefore, making them use their own.

“We use the computer a lot.” stated freshman member Don Truong.

“It’s student led…The maximum amount of people we’ve had is sixteen, but it drops a bit, Halloween and Thanksgiving are on Thursday this year and so the attendance drops.” Hebert continued.

When playing Minecraft, you use blocks to create geographic and man-made structures. The main reason for building these structures is to protect you from the monsters that the game creates. As you continue on, you can create more and different things.

“They play against each other… and they do tournaments.” Hebert stated.

The Minecraft Club will definitely be a new and different addition to the activities offered at Central.

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