Drive yourself to give this holiday season

By Krista Fog

It’s that time of year again! Walled Lake Central’s Student Council is gearing up for the annual holiday gift drive, taking place throughout the majority of December.

Starting the tradition well over a decade ago, Student Council selects an elementary school in the Detroit area and then provides each student with a delightful gift for the holidays.

“We’re really excited for this year,” said senior Student Council member Aubri Mason. “And we need all of [WLC students] contributes!”

Central students “adopt a child” and buy specifically what is on the child’s wish list, since many of the children are less fortunate. Each list includes “needs” and “wants”. Central students buy the child something that he/she needs, such as clothes, and also purchases a toy of some sort he/she wants.

“The children are not difficult to shop for,” said senior Executive Vice President Heather Martin. “Most of the kids just want winter clothes and a typical toy.”

Central students can “adopt” at all lunches in the month of December. The expected price to pay on each child is $20-$40.

This year, Central is donating to the children of Bennett Elementary of Detroit. Even though the school only provides education for grades K-2, the attendance of the students is vast.

In terms of each child receiving a gift, the student body always nails it.

“Lack of volunteers has never been a problem to us,” explains Student Activities Director Laura Matousek. “We would not do the gift drive if there are children who do not receive a gift within that elementary school.”

Martin agrees with Matousek. She knows the Central has a big heart and is always thinking of others first.

“Central is very big on charity,” explained Martin. “No other schools in the Walled Lake district do these gift drives, and most in Kensington Lakes Activities Association (KLAA) Forum do not either. Even look at the results we made with the canned food drive!”

Naturally, giving certainly is better than receiving in this event. Central’s student council members receive the honor of delivering the presents to the elementary school.

“Seeing the look on the children’s faces is simply the best,” said senior Student Council member Samantha Cohen, who participated in delivering the gifts during last year’s holiday gift drive. “We have just as much fun as the children do, if not more.”


Check out this video from the students of Bennett Elementary:

Thank You Walled Lake

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