Passion for Life licenses university t-shirts

By Robert Harris

Track Coach and WLC teacher Neb Stojkovic has done something remarkable with the non-profit organization “Passion for Life”, which he founded in 2008.

For the last two years, the organization has been in contact with several universities and licensors across the country in an effort to obtain “Official Collegiate licensing” to make this movement national. Stojkovic was able to obtain licensing from well-known universities such as UofM, MSU, and Indiana.

“Being able to gain licensing from these well-known universities was great” said Stojkovic. “Passion should really take off now nationally and be better than ever.”

In 2014, shirts will be available in an internet launch and retail launch. Shirts in 2014 launch will represent Michigan State, Michigan, and Wayne State University.

“My hope is in the next 3 to 5 years, every major university is on board with supporting the Passion for Life Organization in its efforts.”

Back in October, Stojkovic sold Michigan and MSU shirts as part of a “Pre-Launch” at the time of the Michigan/Michigan State game. Over 500 shirts representing Michigan and Michigan State were sold in this October launch.

Stojkovic founded the Passion for Life organization in 2008 and it has been steadily growing ever since. A non-profit organization designed to benefit children, Passion for Life was created with a mission to raise money for children’s hospitals across the country.

“The Organization has really taken off since when it first began,” said Stojkovic. “Passion for Life is a non 501c3 non-profit in the State of Michigan”.

Every year, one family in the community is chosen as the “Inspirational Family” and the proceeds from the event benefit the family, medical research at U of M Mott Hospital & the Passion for Life Organization.

The local March 5k/5 Mile run is just the local event that benefits research at U of M’s Mott Children’s Hospital. The run takes place before track season starts in March.

Back in 2008 a Walled Lake educator and coach gave birth to a daughter with heart complications which inspired Stojkovic to found Passion. Sydnie Guttovz and her family were the first Inspirational Family to benefit from the Passion for Life event.

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