Skaters rehearse to shock the competition at State Championships

By Kennedy Werner

WLC’s own Paige Bremner, Carly Burwell, Hanna Baldrica and the rest of Lakes Area Varsity Figure Skating Team (consisting of WLN, WLW, Clarkston, Goodrich, and Waterford Kettering and Mott) are preparing for their final competition of the season- State Championships. Held at the Suburban Rink in East Lansing, the ladies will be skating for their third consecutive time in Individual events on Saturday, March 22 (8 am-8 pm) and in Team events on Sunday, March 23 (8 am-5 pm) against district teams all over Michigan.

“Once we found out we were going to States, we were all pretty surprised and excited because we knew [the competition] would be really close. We were trying to add up the score but you can’t know for sure until [the judges] announce it,” said junior skater Bremner.

By placing in the top three teams of the league this year, the athletes were able to advance to the State Competition. The girls have been practicing tirelessly for States since winter’s start at Lakeland Ice Arena in Pontiac from 3 pm to 5 pm. Practices consist of perfecting moves, jumps, and spins for the competition.

“Our spins are good and our moves are great. We practice lots with jumps. Jumps were our weak point in our last competition,” said Lenore Hiscoe, Head Coach of the squad since it began in 2002. “We prepare well. If we practice hard then we should just go out and do the same thing at the competition.”

The ladies also skated in three District Competitions leading up to States. Their first piece was at Hartland on Tuesday, December 17, where the girls were not as successful as expected. However, they were not ready to settle. At their second bit at Grosse Point on Friday, January 17, Lakes Area proved their spot in the district by placing first overall in jumps. Finally, at Blue Water-Port Huron on Wednesday, February 19, the team outshined their competitors in moves and spins.

“Competitions have had their ups and downs. We placed really high in a couple of things and got medals, but we’ve also had rough skates,” said Bremner.

Overall, this year was important to the athletes. The girls became closer and added additional players to the team.

“We have good kids that get along well. They’re all pretty young and we are only losing three seniors, so that is exciting too. Overall, they obviously did well and we’re expecting to continue this at States,” said Hiscoe.

One word to describe the season? Baldrica insists on the fact that it was downright “amazing”.

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