Creativity brings students together in the Art Club

By Krista Fog

Art Club is now offered at Walled Lake Central and is open any to new members that have a passion for art and enjoy group projects.

Meetings are held every other Thursday in room A105. They start right after school and last until about 3:30 pm.

“I would love to get the word out about this club because I encourage everyone to join!” said senior Club President Michelle Sheng.

The club does a ton of crafty projects that cover every art field. The current project they are working on is a 3-D sculpture involving human hands.

“The students are very creative and come up with most projects on their own,” said Art teacher and club sponsor David DeLuca. “They even have good intentions with what to do with their projects.”

The club is planning to donate their human hand sculpture to a retirement home or hospital in the area.

“Charity is very important to me and the rest of the members,” said Sheng. “Spreading the joy is what it’s all about.”

Also, the Art Club is intending to go on a field trip to the Toledo Museum of Art within the next couple of weeks.

“Members and even those who are thinking about joining are welcome to come along,” said DeLuca. “More information will be announced soon.”

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