Students connect through the creation of “The Giving Tree Club”

By Kennedy Werner

Derived from the success of WLC’s Blanket Drive, the newly formed Giving Tree Clubwelcomes all students eager to impact the community. Created by Spanish teachers Nancy Kattoula and Laura Griffin and their Spanish students, the club’s mission is to help the community and spread good cheer to WLC families and beyond.

“My hope is that we can spread cheer and help those less fortunate.  We plan to select various fundraisers throughout the year to participate in, and hope to get involved in events that help brighten people’s day,” said Kattoula.

Currently, the club is in need of the community’s help. Until March 28, the club will be collecting donations for 100 Easter baskets (50 boys, 50 girls) to deliver to the All Saints Church food pantry. The baskets will be given to Detroit parents to delight their children this holiday.

To contribute, the club kindly asks for boxes of crayons or colored pencils, coloring books, educational items (flash cards, reading books), toys (stuffed animals, cars, dolls), candy, Easter basket grass, cellophane, bows/ribbons, and large twist ties. Money donations are also accepted. WLC students and staff can deliver their generous contributions to B206 or students can leave them with their first hour teacher.

“Donating the Easter baskets will truly bring a smile to the precious face of a needy child. This Easter will be one they will never forget. It is a true blessing to bring joy to another individual,” said club member and junior Gail Johnson.

With an achieved goal of 1000 blankets, the Blanket Drive united a group of 10 Spanish students through one cause: bigheartedness. Through the help of these students, the WLC community, St. Thomas Parish Community, St. George Parish Community, and Central alumni Natalie Zora and Melanie Balk, the newly formed club was able to bring warmth to those at the All Saints Church food pantry.

“It was so humbling to go down to the church and see the excitement on the faces of the people that were being given blankets.  I have also been so humbled by the outpouring of support to reach our goal,” said Kattoula.

All in all, the club’s focal point is to show their support and care for those in need. Club members aspire to bring joy fellow students and others further than Central.

“My goal is to make a chance in people’s lives. Whether it’s helping someone at school or helping someone in Detroit, making a difference is the main goal. I hope to make people feel better about themselves, let them know that someone out there cares about them,” said club member and junior Joe Hanna.

Think this club fits you? Stop by Kattoula’s room for further details!

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