Spanish students enjoy art and culture at DIA trip

By Dominique Tyus

Forty Spanish IV students traveled with teacher Cynthia Collins and four other chaperones, including retired English teacher James Walsh, to the Detroit Institute of Art on Tuesday March 19.  The Spanish IV students are currently studying artists from the Spanish culture, and this field trip provided a new creative outlet to assist them in their studies.

At the DIA the students took the “Art of the Spanish-Speaking World” tour. They observed everything from pre-Columbian art that originated in Costa Rica to the modern art of Picasso and Juan Miró. “An important part of the tour,” said Collins, “is an explanation of the Diego Rivera mural, which is really the center of the museum.”

After the formal tour, the students had time to explore the museum on their own. Afterwards they went to Mexican Town for lunch and a trip to the notorious Mexican bakery.

“I love doing this field trip. The DIA is really a jewel, and it is great to be able to show that kids things that they may never have seen before. I have been doing this tour every year for the past 10 years or so, and plan to continue doing it,” said Collins.

Her students also had an enjoyable experience on the trip.

“What a very fun experience this was. It was my first time at the DIA and I will definitely visit again,” said senior Barbara Diaz.

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