Central students seek fun in the sun over Spring Break

By Simone Stephens

It’s that time of the year again! The time that students prepare all winter for: to get in those weekly gym sessions, pick out those tiny yellow polka dot bikinis, and watch their diets to look great on the beach! Yep that’s right, SPRING BREAK! Each year students all across the country flock to their Spring Break destination for a week of pure enjoyment.

“I’m going on cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Labadee Haiti,” said senior Erika Greco, “It’s me and a bunch of other seniors going. I have never been on a cruise before so I’m a little scared.”

Each year there’s a senior trip. All the seniors plan to go somewhere for the week to party, have fun, and relax.  This year’s seniors are going to the Bahamas. Last year was Miami and the year before that was Cancun.

“I can’t wait to go down there!” said senior Stephanie Schuldt, “I’m really looking forward to getting tan, lying out on the beach with my friends and probably do a little snorkeling. I don’t know how I feel about the snorkeling but we’ll see when we get down there.”

Unlike some students going away for Spring Break, some are staying in good ole Michigan, hoping for some good weather. With this seemingly long and extreme weather, it just might snow. But let’s hope for the best!

“I’m staying here this year and work,” said senior Artejah Howard. “Prom is right around the corner and I have to make sure everything is in order.”

Howard isn’t the only one staying home. Senior Raven Semma claimed the same, “I’m just going to work. I honestly don’t feel like leaving the state for some reason. It’s weird because I usually want to go on vacation but this year I just don’t.”

To stay home and work isn’t a bad idea when thinking about all the senior expenses. Yet, going on vacation with a bunch of friends isn’t a bad idea either!

Everyone remember to be safe and have fun because it’s not Spring Break if you’re not having fun!

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